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Done For You (DFY) Skyscraper
Great SEO Needs
Great Content & Links
Take the guesswork out of creating content that people will link to and have the backlink acquisition done for you! This is a proven strategy that is honest, transparent, and a solid investment.
Target Selection
First, we find a resource (article) with a lot of backlinks. It is old, outdated, or not user friendly; yet, it is relevant to your audience.
Content Creation
We then rewrite the resource (article) and expand upon it with images, videos and additional content. You review and publish the edited content.
Link Outreach
Once the resource is published on your site, we reach out to everyone who linked to the previous article informing them of the new updated resource.
An investment in your business.
The work will be done for you and your site will continue to provide benefit for years to come. The links acquired bring your site up in all of your keywords. Both the links acquired and the content produced are something to be proud of.
Google Loves Great Content
Google favors sites with high quality content. To rank well within Google (and other search engines), you need to have relevant, updated, refreshed content on your site. The more linkable resources your site has, the higher it will rank.
Users Love Great Content
You want people to share your content, to link to your site, to comment on your social shares. It’s only the Remarkable Content that this happens to. Remarkable Content is either funny, all inclusive, or impressive in some way.
Link Outreach Included
If you build it (publish it), they will NOT come. The best content may never be found. This is why we do the outreach for you. We contact every site and social channel that linked to the previous (now outdated) resource.
Speaking of content
Meet our content producing team.
Quality is key with the content we produce for you, therefore, we use professional copywriters who are experts in their craft. Quality costs more, but quality is what you need!
Stephen Altrogge
Author of 9 books
Tallahassee, FL
David Howell
20 years as a tech/biz journalist
Ketley Bank, UK
Andrew Zola
3 Masters Degrees
Columbus, OH

Don’t just take our word for it!

“That was the easiest SEO and marketing effort I have ever done. Great content, on time, and with fantastic links included. Awesome!”
Nathan B.
Velvet Forge
“My website moved from page 5 to page 1. This was the service I wish I had years ago. Sales are up, this has been perfect for me!”
Doug P.
MoBox Marine
Yes, we did say double!
The proof is in the pudding:
A Case Study
Yes, we have done this before, and yes, we have seen awesome results. Just check it out below.
MoBox Marine has been working with Connex Digital Marketing on improving SEO traffic. Last fall, we switched into a Skyscraper Technique for them. Without a doubt, it has been the best strategy they have ever experienced. They went from receiving 152 organic sessions a month to 365 organic sessions a month (yes that’s more than double!) within 6 months.

Doubled organic traffic within 6 months

Traffic increase is one thing. But what really matters is sales, revenue, bottom line numbers and impact. What you need to know about MoBox Marine is that their smallest product is $400, and shipping is at least that. Not the easiest online sale pitch. However, we’ve seen their orders increase significantly, and their total revenue increase as well.

From 1 sale every month to 5 sales in a half month.

From $400 Avg Monthly Revenue to $10,000 Avg Monthly Revenue

The fine print.
This is where we are supposed to say your mileage may vary and is not a guarantee of future performance (sounds like a typical investment right?).

However, the fine print doesn’t exist! This is just one of many clients who have seen these type of results. You too can see a doubling of organic traffic and see this kind of increases in your revenue/transactions. These are real world numbers in a very difficult market. You can expect a similar experience with your business!

All Inclusive Pricing!
Perfect for getting started.
Includes Layer 1 of Outreach.
Includes a report of activities after 4 weeks.


Per post (subscription)

  • Billed weekly until cancelled

  • Billed monthly until cancelled

  • Billed quarterly until cancelled

Let's do this!

We offer a cheaper 5 referring domain package, but we recommend the above package that will acquire 10 referring domains.

We respond within two hours!


If you post a question here during the daytime hours Central timezone, we will respond within two hours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will repeat customers work with the same writer?
Yes, repeat customers work with the same writer! The longer you use Skyscraper SEO from Connex, the better your writer will get to know you and your target audience!
Why are backlinks important to my site?
Backlinks have always been an important ranking factor in SEO. When your content earns a lot of these high-quality backlinks (which we guarantee!), you improve three important ranking signals: Number of backlinks, link authority, and link diversity.
Do you guarantee the quality of links?
We do our best to filter out anything lower than a Moz Domain Authority (DA) of 20. The sites we reach out to is based on which sites linked to the selected target article.

The amount of effort to get a link from a High DA site is exponential; we typically see links from our efforts in the DA of 30-80.

Occasionally, we’ll see something more than DA 80, but those are rare and truly dependent upon the target article selected as well as the niche/audience.

Where will the article appear? Are the links going to go to that page? And in that case, does it need to go to the home page?
The article is posted to your site, most likely to your blog. And yes, the links go to that page/article. However, that page should not be your homepage! The skyscraper content is not written for that in mind. Instead, it should be on your blog or as a subpage somewhere on your site.
Do you share places you reach out to?
When the outreach is complete we share the URL to every site we reached out to and we obviously go deeper into reporting on the sites which did link back to your article.
Help me understand more about keywords, how do we choose keywords? Will this help us rank for a specific keyword?
After purchasing, we ask a few questions of you. One of them is: Do you have a primary and a secondary focus keyword? These are the keyword that you want your site to rank for, so when people search for that keyword, they’ll find you. You should aim for a combination of words that are actually used by your target audience. We use these keywords for tracking purposes and to help us to select the best article for you.

If you don’t know what your keywords are, no worries, we will pick a few for you based on your target audience and your website content.

Our efforts are around increasing the number of backlinks to your site, thereby raising the rank of all pages on your site. We do not focus on one page for one keyword. Instead, our efforts improve your entire site’s ranking capabilities.

I have multiple websites, or an Agency, Will you work with me?
Sure thing!

Our system is set up to handle a different website each time a renewal occurs (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc). You simply need to fill out a short form to tell us which website to work on for that cycle.

We do not (currently) offer an agency discount. However, if you have multiple clients monthly or more frequent level, please contact Paul who will arrange a better pricing for your needs.

Do we maintain editorial approval? Is there a revision process?
Yes by far, you (and the client) have full editorial rights, we offer unlimited revisions to the content. We do this because we want this to be AWESOME content, and we stand behind the unlimited revisions (we once racked up over 40 hours of revisions on one article – don’t want to do that again! but we will!)

Once the content is approved by all parties then you can publish it or we offer to publish it for free on your site. We truly want this to be as hands off as possible for you!

Can you share a few examples of articles you wrote for the basic package?
If we contract for multiple articles/outreach, will you reach out to unique sites every time?
Yes, we base the sites we reach out to on those who linked to the target article. So while there might be overlap between different articles the chances of that are pretty slim. We also have a program in place that prevents us from reaching out to the same domain twice. We can override this but rarely do (only if it’s for a different website/client).
Do you guarantee the links to be permanent?
Since we do not own the sites (this is not a Private Blog Network! aka PBN) we cannot guarantee the permanence of the links.  We never make an ask for anything less than permanent but after a year of monitoring only two of our articles have lost a backlink and only one per article.
Are some of the links earned editorial - placed in the body copy of a unique article?
It is 100% up to the owner of the site, so we make no promises, however most of the links are editorial in nature as they simply replace the link that was already there.
Can I see a sample of one of your reports?
Sure thing, see this link to view the report.
Are there any niches you don't / can't do such as medical?
Nitches we avoid are gambling, porn, and payday loans. We’ve done work in the medical field (currently with two clients who are regulated heavily by the FDA), we’ve also worked with English language specialists, Insurance, regulated Financial, and various other nitches which are less regulated but very difficult to find target articles.

In short, we’re up for the challenge!

Do you only copy the targeted article? Or how do you improve targeted article?
Nope, we’re creating a new piece of content that is better than the previous content, extending it, making it more digestible, and in general, just making it a better resource. We’re using the previous content as an indicator of what has worked in the past to acquire links and then spring-boarding off that into something better that will acquire links.
How many links are we expected to get per article?
We guarantee at least 10 referring domains (links from a unique website/domain) per article published. We will work and continue to do the outreach until we have achieved at least 10 links. (For some clients, that means we’re running outreach on multiple articles at the same time. This does not cause a problem as we only reach out to a domain once per client website. There are no overlaps in outreach.
Dofollow, Nofollow? High DA?
As far as quality, we make no promises on DA, Dofollow/Nofollow because the truth of the matter is that:

  1. We reach out to sites who linked to the target article, we don’t choose their quality.
  2. Google is more concerned about a healthy mix and quantity; the healthy mix is tough and so, therefore, we don’t engineer it. By actually letting lower DA sites and Nofollow sites link back to you, it becomes more natural and achieves the healthy backlink balance you need.

They keys we focus on are real & quantity. If you got 10 new backlinks a month, which Google sees as real that would beat any high DA strategy… safe SEO is a slow growth game.

How many can you take on per week/month?
We can do up to one article per week per site. More than that could trigger problems with Google and the risk isn’t worth the reward on that.
Why do you need access to my Google Analytics?
We use Google Analytics for the following purposes:

  • Verifying the success of our efforts.
  • Additional referral traffic to the skyscraper posts.
  • Additional organic search to the site.

We only use this data after 4 or more months have passed, as the efforts we are doing for Skyscraper do not take immediate effect (the lag time for DA increase and rank improvement from new inbound links is 3-6 months).

Providing us with Google Analytics access is optional, however, it can help us in our reporting on your successful investment through Connex’s Skyscraper SEO program.

Who does the outreach emails come from?
They come from our lead outreach specialist, John Hawthorne. He explains who he is and does not pretend to work for your company. We do not lie or pretend about anything. This is why we can be so transparent … because we’re being honest.

It would help if you are able to say that John is the author, it’s not a deal breaker, but we have seen links acquired quicker if John is listed as the author.

How is the article topic selected? Can we collaborate on it?
The topic is selected based on the target audience and what other content has achieved success (in terms of number of referring domains) in the past. We look for a combination of content that received 80 or more referring domains (unique backlinks from individual websites) – and content that is old, outdated or just poor performing.

We select three examples (suggested target articles) that could be used as the basis for a skyscraper. You (or the client or both) are able to choose which of those articles to focus on. If we missed the mark in those three suggestions we can develop more suggestions until we get it correct.

What is the typical timeline from start to finish, including content creation and link outreach?
Content creation happens within the first week. If there are a lot of back and forth during the revision process it might extend that time, but typically everything happens within a week.

Link outreach is a minimum of 4 weeks and can last up to two months for each article. We don’t stop until we acquire 10 referring domains, and since we don’t control the sites there is no guarantee as to how long that process will take. The better the article/title and the better the target article the quicker we can make this process (because people are willing to link to an awesome applicable article right away, versus begging, pleading and reminding them)

What types of reports should I expect to receive which I can share with clients? Excel file?
We do all of our final reports in Google docs and we’d be willing to put your logo in place so you don’t have to mess with it. We’re also happy to provide you to read/write access to the Drive folder with the reports if you want to add more commentary or content to the report.

We also offer informal email-content-only progress reports on a weekly basis so you know how many links we have acquired (we provide the full URL of where the link exists) and the domains of the sites we’re working with. These come weekly on Mondays and are only sent out once the link outreach has begun.

From what email address are the outreaches sent?
They are sent from a or a email address… from a real person on our staff.
Can you share a sample of an initial outreach email? I would like to know the context that the brand name will be used.
We use different methods for each campaign, but bellow is a template from a recent campaign. This is not what we use for every campaign. (we’re always testing various content and outreach styles)

Hello {{CNT_FIRST_NAME|default:”there”}},

My name is John Hawthorne and I noticed that on {{MRG_URL_LIST}} you are currently linking to this page about {{topic}} found here {{MRG_LINK_URL}}.

I recently wrote an article on {{Article_topic}} and had it published at {{link}}

I was wondering if you would like to link out to my article as a reference on your page I mentioned. If you are interested in that or perhaps you would like to republish my work please go ahead and let me know.

Thank you,


Are all articles syndicated/republished and linked back to the original source?

No, they are NOT all syndicated… however, some site owners opt to do that as it’s great content. There’s no worries for duplicated content as Google never punishes the owner of the duplicated content and the punishments only come when it’s copied without the link back credit.

Are you plagiarising?

We are not copying the content, we’re taking the original articles as ideas, topics, and more. But then we do our own research and create a better more thought out and original article. Plagiarism would be to copy whole sections or sentences without giving credit. We’re not doing that, we’re actually reading a lot of articles (more than the original) and building on all of them to make a better article.

Still not convinced?

We’ll send you info on a target resource specific to your audience.

All we need is a website URL and your email address. Our team will dig into your target audience (based on your existing website) and find an example resource for your audience which we could improve upon for you.

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