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Done For You (DFY) Skyscraper

Great SEO Needs
Great Content & Links

Take the guesswork out of creating content that people will link to and have the backlink acquisition done for you! This is a proven strategy that is honest, transparent, and a solid investment.

Target Selection

First we find a resource (article) with a lot of backlinks. It is old, outdated, or not user friendly yet it is relevant to your audience.

Content Creation

We then rewrite the resource (article) and expand upon it with images, videos and additional content. You review and publish the edited content.

Link Outreach

Once the resource is published on your site we reach out to everyone who linked to the previous article informing them of the new, updated resource.


An investment in your business.

The work is done for you and your site will continue to provide benefit for years to come. The links acquired bring your site up in all of your keywords. Both the links acquired and the content produced are something to be proud of.

Google Loves Great Content

Google favors sites with high quality content. To rank well within Google (and other search engines), you need to have relevant, updated, refreshed content on your site. The more linkable resources that your site has, the higher it will rank.

Users Love Great Content

You want people to share your content, to link to your site, to comment on your social shares. But it’s only the Remarkable Content that this happens to. Remarkable Content is either funny, all inclusive, or impressive in some way.

Link Outreach Included

If you build it (publish it) they will NOT come. The best content may never be found. This is why we do the outreach for you. We contact every site and social channel that linked to the previous (now outdated) resource.

Speaking of content

Meet our content producing team.

Quality is key with the content we produce for you, therefore, we use professional copywriters who are experts in their craft. Quality costs more, but quality is what you need!

Stephen Altrogge

Author of 9 books

Tallahassee, FL

David Howell

20 years as a tech/biz journalist

Ketley Bank, UK

Andrew Zola

3 Masters Degrees

Columbus, OH


Don’t just take our word for it!

“That was the easiest SEO and marketing effort I have ever done. Great content, on time, and with fantastic links included. Awesome!”

Nathan B.

Velvet Forge

“My website moved from page 5 to page 1. This was the service I wish I had years ago. Sales are up, this has been perfect for me!”

Doug P.

MoBox Marine

Yes we did say double!

The proof is in the pudding:
A Case Study

Yes we have done this before, and yes we have seen awesome results. Just check it out below.

MoBox Marine has been working with Connex Digital Marketing on improving SEO traffic. Last fall we switched into a Skyscraper Technique for them. Without a doubt it has been the best strategy they have ever experienced. They went from receiving 152 organic sessions a month to 365 organic sessions a month (yes that’s more than double!) within 6 months.

Doubled organic traffic within 6 months

Traffic increase is one thing. But what really matters is sales, revenue, bottom line numbers and impact. What you need to know about MoBox Marine is that their smallest product is $400, and shipping is at least that. Not the easiest online sale pitch. However we’ve seen their orders increase significantly, and their total revenue increase as well.

From 1 sale every other month to 5 sales in a half month.

From $400 Avg Monthly Revenue to $10,000 Avg Monthly Revenue

The fine print.
This is where we are supposed to say your mileage may vary and is not a guarantee of future performance (sounds like a typical investment right?).

However, The fine print doesn’t exist! This is just one of many clients who have seen these type of results. You too can see a doubling of organic traffic and see this kind of increases in your revenue/transactions. These are real world numbers in a very difficult market. You can expect a similar experience with your business!

Outreach Layers

Through the years of performing outreach we have developed a 3 layer system of outreach. These layers build upon each other.

Layer 1

Skyscraper Outreach

Focused just on the websites that linked to the previous article/resource. These sites already have linked to related content which we have improved upon. We send emails, contact form submissions, and make phone calls to authors, website owners, & DNS contacts.

Layer 2

Social Outreach

We reach out to the social accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram) which linked to or mentioned the previous target resource. We send direct messages and public posts/replies/comments to the account and if possible an email or website contact form.

Layer 3

Industry Influencers

There are other blogs, websites, directories, and locations where the skyscraper should be linked from. In this layer we reach out to an additional list of websites to better leverage your remarkable content.

All Inclusive Pricing!


Perfect for getting started.
Includes Layer 1 of Outreach.
Includes a report of activities after 4 weeks.


Per post

  • Billed monthly until cancelled

  • Billed quarterly until cancelled

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Perfect for ranking quicker.
Includes all 3 Layers of Outreach.
Includes a report of activities after 4 weeks.


Per post

  • Billed monthly until cancelled

  • Billed quarterly until cancelled

We respond within two hours!


If you post a question here during the daytime hours Central timezone we will respond within two hours!

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Trusted by many companies large and small.

Still not convinced?

We’ll send you info on a target resource specific to your audience.

All we need is a website URL and your email address. Our team will dig into your target audience (based on your existing website) and find an example resource for your audience which we could improve upon for you.

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Photo Credit: Russell Sekeet