A Technical Audit of your Website

Ensure you’re doing everything to make sure Google can index your content

An SEO Audit like none

Great SEO Cannot Be Automated!

Your website is unique and different. Your keywords are different. Why would you trust an automated audit?

The little things are important in SEO. But so are the big things.

Running an SEO audit with Connex will uncover everything and give you a ton of ideas for boosting your search traffic.

Code and Structure

First, we dig into your website’s templates and code, we determine if there are any structural problems preventing Google from indexing your content.


We dig deeper into the content determining if there are places where words can be changed to improve rank and relevancy.

Link Documentation

We take a look at internal linking and verify that the correct pages are linked to. We also dig into websites linking back to yours and make sure there’s nothing wrong there.


An investment in your business.

While this SEO Audit is a one and done thing. It’s ripple effects will last for years.

The recommendations that come from our audits always follow industry best practices and will ensure your website will be future proof from any algorithm changes.

As you invest in your website improving rank, you will receive more leads/sales via your website. This is an investment with great returns.

Google Cares about Code

Google employees thousands of code engineers who not only are working on the algorithm they are developing best practices with code. When Google says the whole web should be served via SSL, the web responds. Great code matters to Google.

Google Cares about Content

From Long-tail to meta-keywords many different agencies mean different things with the word “Keyword.” We keep it simple explaining how each page is optimized for a specific search phrase and what you can do to change or improve it.

Links are Very Important

Did you know you can inform Google which page should rank well for a specific search phrase? By verifying your internal links are pointing to the right place we ensure all pages are working together.

We’re Humans!

Meet our Audit Team

Quality is key with the audit we produce for you, therefore, we use professional SEO experts who are uniquely qualified with years of experience. Quality costs more, but quality is what you need!

Paul Kortman

SEO since 2007

Vera Nguyenova

Expert in the latest SEO trends

John Hawthorne

Internal & Backlink Master


Don’t just take our word for it!

“That was the easiest SEO and marketing effort I have ever done. Great content, on time, and with fantastic links included. Awesome!”

Nathan B.

Velvet Forge

“My website moved from page 5 to page 1. This was the service I wish I had years ago. Sales are up, this has been perfect for me!”

Doug P.

MoBox Marine

Yes we did say double!

The proof is in the pudding:
A Case Study

Yes we have done this before, and yes we have seen awesome results. Just check it out below.

MoBox Marine has been working with Connex Digital Marketing on improving SEO traffic. Last fall we switched into a Skyscraper Technique for them. Without a doubt it has been the best strategy they have ever experienced. They went from receiving 152 organic sessions a month to 365 organic sessions a month (yes that’s more than double!) within 6 months.

Doubled organic traffic within 6 months

Traffic increase is one thing. But what really matters is sales, revenue, bottom line numbers and impact. What you need to know about MoBox Marine is that their smallest product is $400, and shipping is at least that. Not the easiest online sale pitch. However we’ve seen their orders increase significantly, and their total revenue increase as well.

From 1 sale every other month to 5 sales in a half month.

From $400 Avg Monthly Revenue to $10,000 Avg Monthly Revenue

The fine print.
This is where we are supposed to say your mileage may vary and is not a guarantee of future performance (sounds like a typical investment right?).

However, The fine print doesn’t exist! This is just one of many clients who have seen these type of results. You too can see a doubling of organic traffic and see this kind of increases in your revenue/transactions. These are real world numbers in a very difficult market. You can expect a similar experience with your business!

All Inclusive Pricing!

SEO Audit

Perfect for websites of any size.
Includes 3 page templates.
Includes recommendations. Not just identifications of problem areas!


We respond within two hours!


If you post a question here during the daytime hours Central timezone, we will respond within two hours!

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