Search Marketing

From SEO to PPC,  Connex is able to help you do what it takes to have your brand, product, or service appear in the search results for relevant keywords.

Relevant Keywords

While Keywords have long been the subject of SEO, it’s often glossed over in the conversation. But the key in any Search Engine Optimization project is to research and select keywords that the appropriate target audience is searching for. Examples work better to explain. Imagine if you were selling bananas online, keywords like ‘heart healthy fruit’ or ‘foods that lower cholesterol’ might get in front of an audience who is interested in eating more bananas, but they’re not looking to purchase bananas. Therefore this audience is not really valuable for you as a banana seller. In the future we’d optimize around these keywords for branding and general knowledge authority reasons, but until then you’re concerned about selling more bananas today. So we’d optimize for keywords like ‘online bananas’ or bananas coupons’ or perhaps ‘ship bananas’ depending on the data that come from the various tools that Connex uses to discover keyword frequency and user intent.

Keyword Focused Content

Keywords are not enough. Now you have to write content about and around those keywords. Connex can provide writers or editors or training to assist your company in achieving the content needed to rank for the keywords selected.

Reporting and Rank Tracking

This is a numbers game, and there are plenty of tools out there to accurately judge the success and failure of the efforts at play. The number one metric is sales. But next to that is ranking, number of unique keywords driving traffic, number of unique non branded keywords driving traffic and more.

SEO is not Spam

Matt Cutts says it well in this video. We at Connex agree (duh, it’s Matt Cutts we’re talking about here!) that Search Engine Optimization is not spam. We operate under pure white hat techniques which focus around keyword selection and then on and off-site content generation around those keywords. But hey, don’t take our word for it… See what Matt Cutts, leader of the Webspam team at Google (he’s paid to help the Search Engine get rid of spam in the results), has to say about SEO.