Published Pricing?

We admit it. We’re crazy sometimes.

But in this world of instant shopping and immediate gratification we know you really just want to know how much it’ll cost to work with Connex’s team.

It’s one of two major reasons people visit this website, to find out what we’re all about and also to see how much we cost.

So why not put our pricing out here?

Why don’t more agencies publish their prices? Because they rely on good salesmanship to convince (root word: con) you into a quote you shouldn’t have to pay.

We’re different.

We know you have fixed (read: limited) resources and we want to assist you in success. We’re not here to rob you, we’re here to partner with you to achieve your goals and get paid our fair wage for accomplishing those goals.

Oh and the real answer to how much does it cost is “it depends!” It’s very similar to buying a car. Do you want used or new, and if new there is a huge difference between a Kia “sports car” a Tesla, and an Aston Martin.  The nice part about being an agency of a distributed independent workforce is we can staff up or down for the skills you need, our pricing reflects this. On one hand it’s difficult to give “typical packages” because each client is different in what they need. However we believe the following will give you a lot of answers and help you transfer from “how much does it cost” to “can we do this and this instead of this and that?” If that happens then this experiment was a resounding success!

But hey, you came here for our pricing, so check out our typical packages below:

Typical Packages

The table below represents our typical packages, however your needs are different and so we package custom quotes all the time. Feel free to contact us to set up a custom package for your business.
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Status Reports
1 Article Created
Monthly SEO Audit
Everything in Basic
Social Media Management
4 Articles Created
Conversion Optimization of 1 Page
Email Marketing Review
Everything in Professional
Weekly Status Reports
8 Articles Created
Conversion Optimization of 4 Pages
Backlink building
Everything in Professional
Semi-Weekly Status Reports
20 Articles Created
Lead Generation/Nurturing Consulting
Advanced Link-building Tactics

Other Pricing

Looking for something else? Let us know what you are looking for.