The Agency Connexion Podcast

The agency world is a complex situation that always seems to be about who you know and whom you’ve built a relationship with. However, all agencies struggle with very similar topics. Join us on the Agency Connexion Podcast where we explore the topics that unite and separate each agency.


This is a Different Podcast Format!

We’re talking about a daily podcast, 5-7 minutes a day. Super short. But then the guest is with us for a week, new guests every Monday to talk about Money, and they finish the week on Sunday talking about the Taboo topics that you won’t hear elsewhere!


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Chris Denny – The Engine is Red

Chris Denny is the founder of The Engine is Red.
With a background in both design and entrepreneurship, Chris Denny founded The Engine is Red in 2008. Chris leads the Engine team—developing inspired brand strategies, campaigns, and interactive experiences for national and regional clients. Chris and the Engine have been featured by a variety of media, including Entrepreneur, Inc 5000, AdAge, Adweek, USA Today, and CNN Money.

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Michael Olaye – Dare

As CEO of Dare & Chief Technology Officer of Inside Ideas Group, Michael oversees and leads the long-term technology vision of the group’s agencies (OLIVER, OLIVER Media, Dare/Dare West, Adjust Your Set & Aylesworth Fleming), and is responsible for the Group’s technical collaboration, industry thought leadership and advanced technology incubations. He also facilitates the technical community within Inside Ideas Group, harnessing the power of our specialist digital agencies Dare and Adjust Your Set.

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