Increase Your Leads By Converting More of Your Visitors

We’ll tweak your landing pages to improve the number of Sales/Leads you receive.

Improve ROI of all marketing efforts!

You’re receiving visitors, but they’re not buying or signing up.

Essentially your business is leaving money on the table. Every dollar you spend every minute of effort in acquiring those visitors is wasted if they don’t take the actions that actually make your business money.

Ensure Accurate Tracking

What is measured can be improved. We are experts in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Our first step is always to ensure your landing pages and website have conversion tracking in place and working correctly.

Landing Page Isolation

We then either create specific landing pages or isolate the pages you’re using for landing pages. Landing Pages are designed for one purpose in mind. Give the visitor enough information that they can move to the next step in the funnel.

Hypothesis and Testing

Based on the selected landing pages, the traffic, and the desired outcome, our staff makes hypotheses (which are educated guesses) of what will improve the conversion rate of that page. We then implement those changes as an A/B test.

Report and Repeat

Some tests prove our hypothesis correct, some prove them incorrect. Either way, we provide the numbers to show the outcome and we then return to step three, make a new hypothesis and test again.

It’s all about the Funnel

Optimizing your Funnel can dramatically impact your business!

You need results, you need leads and sales. You might be paying for traffic or advertisements etc. But without focusing on helping people convert your missing out. The numbers always prove it. For example with a conversion rate of 4% and 1,000 visitors, you’ll see 40 leads. But if that conversion rate moved to 10% you’ll have 100 leads. That would dramatically change your sales efforts and your bottom line (125% growth in this example).

Every step in the funnel can be optimized. We work with your online funnels, from email signup, to purchase we’ll test and increase those conversions.

Leaking like a sieve

In marketing all funnels leak. The goal is to fix and lower the quantity of leaks.

Not everyone who makes it to your site will convert to a lead or customer. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place. An online funnel has a dual purpose of weeding out those who are not the right customers and encouraging those who are the correct customers to take the next step.

The work we do for you in A/B Testing, aka Split Testing, will never achieve 100% conversion rate. Instead, we simply make sure that those who leave the funnel are indeed not the right users for your business.

You’d hate to find out that people who leave your funnel left because they didn’t understand what they needed to do, or they didn’t have confidence in your business/product. Especially if they then purchased from your competitor.

We work to ensure those users, the correct target audience has everything they need to take the next step and are not distracted by the many other rabbit holes they could go down.

Landing Page Creation

Yes we include creating landing pages as part of this service

Landing Pages are the critical part of the Funnel. We can develop the right landing pages to ensure visitors are taking the next step.

We use assets you provide, or we acquire assets free from license restrictions for use on the landing pages.

Because we can only be experts in a few tools your website (landing pages) will need to be built in WordPress, Unbounce, or you will need to have Optimizely installed on your site so we can make page variations.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“We’ve worked with several other marketing experts in the past, but hands down, Connex was the best in all aspects. If only we had discovered them earlier! Paul is not only smart and a true expert, but he is responsible, responsive, timely, hardworking and honest. They also went above and beyond to answer our marketing questions. I would highly recommend Connex to anyone who needs help with marketing solutions. You won’t be disappointed!”

Mee-Jung J.

The Tools We Use

We’ve been using these tools for over 5 years to optimize conversions and build landing pages. We’re experts in how to make Split tests and ensure that by using one of these tools your conversions will increase

WordPress CRO


This isn’t your Mom’s blog anymore!

With thousands of plugins available WordPress has proven to be a powerful CMS and perfect for A/B testing. Some of the plugins we’ve used are Marketizator, Simple Page Tester, Nelio A/B Testing, Marketing Optimizer, and A/B Press Optimizer. Every plugin has some differences, so it’s important to choose the right one for your specific needs.

Unbounce Landing Page Testing


The perfect tool for landing page optimization.

Imagine a tool built to do A/B testing that has templates and really smooth integrations with CRMs and more. That’s Unbouce. They’ve been in the business of optimizing landing pages for the longest in the market. They also have simplified the very complex and allow us to quickly iterate and run multiple (A/B/C) variation tests.

Microsoft Advertising


Who needs a CMS anymore?

No matter what your website is built in Optimizely will work with it. It’s a small piece of code that sits on top of all pages. It then allows us to specify how many visitors see which changes to a page. Optimizely is the most complex tool for testing and really only recommended if you cannot use WordPress or Unbounce.

All Inclusive Pricing!

Up to 2 Landing Pages

1 or 2 Landing Pages
Baseline Measurements
Tweaks towards best practices and fixing known problems
Verification of Measurements after changes
Weekly a/b tests

Per month, plus a $1,500 setup charge

Billed monthly until cancelled

3 Landing Pages

Includes 3 Landing Pages
Baseline Measurements
Tweaks towards best practices and fixing known problems
Verification of Measurements after changes
Weekly a/b tests

Per month, plus a $1,750 setup charge

Billed monthly until cancelled

4 Landing Pages

Includes 4 Landing Pages
Baseline Measurements
Tweaks towards best practices and fixing known problems
Verification of Measurements after changes
Weekly a/b tests

Per month, plus a $2,000 setup charge

Billed monthly until cancelled

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