Digital-Agency-jim_new_computer_the-office-300x225Connex is a Digital Agency. But many people we speak to don’t understand what a digital agency is. So here’s a little bit about us, how we operate and the history of Connex.

Connex was birthed as an LLC for Paul Kortman to do freelance business as a Social Media Marketer and a Search Engine Optimization guy. However in time Paul realized that he can only do so much by himself and was contracting others to fill in the gaps. After a few months of that he realized what he had is a full digital agency.

But the real reason for this is not just to overcome the areas where Paul cannot keep up, but because SEO is now more than just keywords.   As Rand Fishkin explains in the video embedded below Connex now preforms UX/UI and SEO, and Conversion Optimization and all other things involved in Digital Strategy. So Connex is now more than just a social media marketing guy or an SEO guy… We’re now a full time digital agency concerned with your entire online presence.

So weather it’s Conversion Optimization, SEO, Social Media or even content generation. Connex is equipped to serve you with the best in digital marketing assets we can find.