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Done For You (DFY) Advertising
Ensure a greater return on every ad dollar you spend
Take the guesswork out of creating and managing your online ads. From strategy to content to daily tweaks, let our team of experts ensure that your money is bringing in conversions. We use proven strategies that are honest and transparent.
Target Research
First, we dig into your target audience. Where are they, what are their likes/interests on Facebook? What are they searching for? What content are they reading?
Campaign Creation
We then create the ads, choose the keywords or target interests and set up the campaigns.The ad message will directly connect with your landing page and the target users needs.
Always Testing
From headlines to images and from Calls to Action to bid prices, our team of experts will continue to tweak and test elements to ensure your ad spend brings in the best ROI.
Quick Results
Online Advertisements Produce Instant Results
You need results. You need leads and sales. SEO takes a long time and social media doesn’t seem to generate sales. Online advertisements are the quickest method of bringing in those leads and sales. From turning on an ad campaign, usually we have interesting insights within 3-5 days. Just imagine, in less than a week you’ll know how many leads this method of advertising is bringing in!
Dialed In
Managing online ads is similar to audio engineering
Anyone can create ads and deploy them to one of the networks. Just like anyone can turn the volume up on an audio engineer’s mixing board. However, when it comes to getting the perfect sound, there are hundreds of fine tune settings. There’s a science and an art involved in making the sound fantastic. Similarly, managing online ads has a lot of tiny adjustments to bring the perfect ROI. Here are just some of the adjustments we have at our disposal:






Max bid price


Time of day


Headline Content




Device targeting

Keyword match type

Keyword insertion


Stopping & Starting

Retargeting/remarketing too
Yes, we include retargeting as part of our arsenal
Depending on the audience you’re targeting, they might have a longer sales cycle. With retargeting (also called remarketing), we can present unique ads to users who have previously shown interest but have not yet converted. Best part? These ads are a fraction of the cost: typically 1-10% of normal cost per click.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“We worked with Connex Digital Marketing to improve our Google AdWords because we were having issues with driving quality traffic to our site. We’ve worked with several other AdWords/marketing experts in the past, but hands down, Connex was the best in all aspects. If only we had discovered them earlier! Paul is not only smart and a true expert, but he is responsible, responsive, timely, hard-working and honest. They also went above and beyond to answer our marketing questions. I would highly recommend Connex to anyone who needs help with marketing solutions. You won’t be disappointed!”
Mee-Jung J.
Networks we manage
We’ve been managing ads on the following platforms since they began. Because of our extensive experience, we know tricks that work to bring down your total cost per acquisition and will pass those benefits along to you.
Google Adwords


The 300 Pound Gorilla

AdWords has been developing and growing at a rapid pace even though it’s over 16 years old. Because of the rapid development, managing an AdWords account has become a complicated process with spreadsheets and other tracking methods. We’ve perfected a system to handle this network for you.

Facebook Marketing & Advertising


Social Domination

Facebook’s global reach is limited only by internet access. Those who have internet access are 99% likely to have a Facebook account. This makes Facebook advertising a goldmine for reaching your target audience. However, should you boost posts, run ads, or video ads? We’ll take care of that for you!

Microsoft Advertising


It can be worth it

With so much focus placed on Google and Facebook’s ad networks people often forget about Microsoft’s advertising system. Yet Microsoft’s ad network is a great round out to Google and Facebook capturing the last 10% of your audience. While Microsoft’s advertising tools lag behind Google’s, there are plenty of tricks there too!

All Inclusive Pricing! No Setup Fees
Perfect for most businesses. Ad Spend less than $2,500 a month. Ad creation and management. Monthly reporting of costs, traffic & outcomes. Includes Google, Bing & Facebook.
Per month

Billed monthly until cancelled

Perfect for driving significantly more traffic. Ad Spend over $2,500/month. Ad creation and management. Weekly & monthly reports of costs, traffic & outcomes. Includes Google, Bing & Facebook.
of Ad Spend per month

Name your price $ (min $500)

ONLY for non-profits receiving the Google Adwords Grant Ad Spend is $10,000-$40,000 a month.  Ad creation and management. Weekly & monthly reports of costs, traffic & outcomes. Includes Google only.
Per month

Billed monthly until cancelled

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need landing pages?
PPC are designed with a common goal in mind: drive targeted traffic to a particular web page, where targeted audience has an ultimate action that you would want for them to take – to convert that visitor either as a generated lead or even a sale. This is exactly where landing pages help.
Why do you need access to my Google Analytics?

We use Google Analytics for the following purposes:


  • Verifying which traffic is converting better and ensuring your money is being spent on the converting traffic.
  • Verifying the success of our efforts.
  • Verifying tracking codes.

Google Analytics helps us to report on your successful investment through Connex’s Dialed In PPC program.

Why is Google Tag Manager important?
Google Tag Manager allows us to embed tracking code and conversion codes easily without having to bother you or your web developer. It gives us the advantage to be prepared before starting your PPC campaigns in terms of tracking our results.
How do you measure success?
Each client had different goals for their PPC campaigns. Therefore we watch conversions closely whether it’s a purchase or a lead. We consider a success when we increase conversions for the same or a lower cost per conversion.
When taking on a pre-existing account, what is the typical account structure strategy?

We like challenges! And there’s nothing quite as challenging as jumping into the engine of a car while it’s driving and making significant changes 😀 When taking over pre-existing PPC accounts we usually take a week long deep-dive on what has been running before making too many changes. We want to understand what worked well and what did not.


For all accounts we manage we work them to a structure that matches the platform’s needs (for example in AdWords we break ad groups into additional smaller and smaller ad groups until we have 5-10 keywords in each ad group)

Also, before making changes, we confirm that tracking codes are correctly installed.

What types of budgets do you typically manage?

We manage small ad spend budgets of $500/month to larger budgets of $25,000/month.

How are Connex's management fees structured?

If your ad spend is less than $2,500 a month, we charge $500/month for our management services. This includes: ad creation & management, weekly & monthly reporting of costs, traffic & outcomes. If your ad spend is over $2,500 a month, we charge 20% of the ad spend and it includes the same services of ad creation and management as well as weekly & monthly reports.

Help me understand keywords? How do we choose keywords?
This applies only to Google and Bing. In pay-per-click marketing, everything starts with a keyword. When you are using Google or any other search engine, you type words into the search box to find what you’re looking for. Most of the words you put in are keywords. Consider the search “Shoe store in Boston Mass” there are a few main keywords, “Shoe store in Boston Massachusetts”, “Shoe store”, “Shoe store in Boston”, “Shoe store in Massachusetts” and “store in Boston Massachusetts” The results that Google returns – whether they’re organic results or paid advertisements – are there because those pages and ads are relevant to the keywords in the search box. If you want your ads to show up on the page, you have to bid on one of those keywords. The goal is to show up in the search results when people search for products or services that are relevant to your business. We use keywords that you provide as a starting place from which to brainstorm and develop an ever expanding keyword list. Don’t worry we’ll eventually get all the possible keywords, but by having you suggest a few will help us wrap our heads around the possibilities and allows us to seed our tools with ideas.
What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who have not-yet converted.


After setting up retargeting, a cookie is set on each visitors computer when they visit your website. This cookie allows us to show ads to that user when they’re no longer on your computer. These ads appear to “follow” the user around the web. These are known as retargeting ads

These ads cost far less, where an initial ad may cost $5.00 to receive a visitor to your site, a retargeting ad could be lower than $1.00 to get that same visitor to revisit your site. (typically much less) – It can take 7 interactions with a brand/product before a user makes a purchase or converts. If we were to acquire that user through 7 $5 ads it would cost $35, whereas with 1 regular ad ($5) and 6 retargeting ads ($1) it would cost $11, a savings of 68%.

Are there any niches you don't or can't serve such as medical?

Nitches we avoid are gambling, porn, and payday loans. We’ve done work in more technical fields such as medical devices or regulated financial industry. In short, we’re up for the challenge!

What is your experience with landing page optimization?

Believe or not landing pages are crucial for a successful PPC campaign. Therefore while we are not in charge of creating, editing and testing landing pages the Connex team provides monthly recommendations on what needs to be added, tweaked or tested to existing landing pages or which pages should be created.


By having great landing pages matched up with the PPC campaign strategy you will see a higher return on your ad spend budget.

Who will be working on my account? Do you have one person, or multiple people? Are they well trained?

We have our internal PPC team to manage your campaigns. Our PPC specialist Justin uses his years of advertising, copywriting, and sales experience to bring in new leads, new sales, and new customers through the power of online advertising. He is the primary staff member overseeing all of our PPC accounts.


He is supported by Vera (our former PPC specialist) and our founder Paul. By having three people reviewing your account there is always additional input and experience added to the conversation which an individual cannot have, no matter how hard they work. This also avoids any issues with the :”What happens if so and so gets hit by the proverbial bus?” We always have your account covered and are working towards 24 hrs/day coverage (right now we’re at 16 hours a day)

Does this service include reports? Are they an additional fee?

We most surely offer full reporting within our service at no additional cost. We provide weekly overview reports and monthly in depth reports.

If you ever are considering working with someone who charges extra for the reporting on what they are doing for you within PPC we recommend you run the opposite direction, as only through the numbers, through the reporting can you determine if your ad manager is doing their job of increasing your conversions while lowering your cost per conversion.

Still not convinced?

We’ll send you information on what kind of a campaign we’d build for you.

All we need is a website URL and your email address. Our team will dig into your target audience (based on your existing website) and find an example product or service and create a campaign mock-up for your audience.

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