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Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital marketing for startups part 1 #startgarden from Paul Kortman     Presentation given at Start Garden January 30, 2013. In this two part digital marketing workshop Paul Kortman will explain the basis of a holistic digital marketing strategy for a...

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Digital Agency

Connex is a Digital Agency. But many people we speak to don't understand what a digital agency is. So here's a little bit about us, how we operate and the history of Connex. Connex was birthed as an LLC for Paul Kortman to do freelance business as a Social Media...

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Working with a Freelancer

Connex Social is somewhere between a basement operation and a full fledged digital agency. There is a lot of variance in between those two extremes, but all of those are lumped into one category: Freelancers. I recently had a friend ask what is a Freelancer, and while...

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Social Media Management

Businesses are social by necessity. Consider Relationship Marketing where you spend a year getting to know, doing lunch with, emailing your prospective client. At the end of that year, he or she will think of you and your company when needing to make a purchase. Now...

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