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Does Google Penalize Duplicate Content? The Definitive Answer

For a number of years now, there has been rumor/truism that Google penalizes duplicate content. In other words, if Google sees your content show up in more than one place, both the original and the duplicate will be pushed lower in the rankings, or removed from the search results altogether.

This idea has led many people to conclude that they should always only publish content on their website, and that if they publish something somewhere else they’re risking the wrath of the Google gods.

But is this true? Does Google really care about duplicate content? The answer may surprise you. Let’s dig in a little more.

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Over optimized?

We've provided a lot of services for a lot of clients over the 7+ years that we've been in business. But now that we've drilled down into our two services of PPC and SEO link building, we have found that there's still a lot of misunderstanding...

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Are links still important today?

Image Credit: Many people often ask me if links are still important today. Perhaps you are wondering the same thing. I’m here to definitely suggest that yes, indeed, links are VERY important. But let’s take a look at the...

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7 Crucial Questions To Ask Before You Hire An SEO Agency

Are you struggling to get links built? Maybe you don’t have an SEO vet on your team and yet you still need to get better rankings for your clients. Or maybe you just don’t know how to create SEO friendly content. Or maybe the subject of SEO feels like a gaping,...

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Generate Content

It's straight forward right? To market your company, brand, product or service you need to generate content. But the objections are too many to count. Consider those I hear frequently from my clients: I don't have time to generate the content My customer doesn't read...

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Public Pricing

What if you went to and found a product (like a cherry pitter) that would make life better and the price was not listed. What if it said "call for pricing" would you call? Would you buy it? In today's day of overnight shipping and instant delivery via...

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Think Nation Review

This is a review of they asked for advice from Connex and this is the advice given in a public blog post. Hopefully you the reader will glean actionable insights for your site as well   Current Site Review Grammar As I look at your site right now,...

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Collect Email Addresses

It's been said many times before. But perhaps you haven't heard it. Email is the largest social network. Think about it. If you want to do business you go to email. If you want to reach out to a friend to stay in touch you go to email. If you want to ask a favor you...

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