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Expert Marketers without the Overhead or the Ego

Are you sick of working with bloated old school agencies?

Would you like to work with a marketing agency who understands online marketing AND ROI? Or an agency who knows how to measure activities and how they impact your business Revenue or Profitability?

What if your SEO agency started explaining how your cost of client acquisition is increasing and how that impacts your profits?

Welcome to the world of working with Connex as your marketing agency.

We’re different

Everyone says they’re different, but we’re actually very different.

We’re a completely distributed workforce

Yes we can cover almost all timezones, and yes we work primarily during business hours in the Eastern timezone. Seems like a contradiction, but it’s not.

We Contract only Experts

We use contracted help but each of our teammates are experts in their fields. We have a Google Analytics expert, an SEO expert, a PPC/online Ads expert, and many more. We build a team for your project with only experts needed to accomplish the goals of the project.

We’re not here to Party

If you want an agency who wines and dines you, expenses golf trips or dinners and more then please look elsewhere. We’re focused on getting results as cost effectively as possible. We may not be the cheapest agency but we’re the most efficient agency. We’re not here to party or spend money on overhead. We’re here to bring you more sales, more leads, and more applications.

Our Happiness Comes From Your Success

What makes us happy? Successful client stories. Period.

If you have more sales and are happy, then we are happy. If you’re not receiving more inquiries then we’re not happy. It’s that simple. We’re inter-connected to the success of your business.

The Back Story on Connex

Pre 2010 Connex was called JustConnex and was an IT consulting firm. That business never took off. Around 2010 Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter were becoming integral for all marketing initiatives. Paul Kortman saw the impact Social Media would have on Organic search ranking. He took this opportunity to mix SEO services with Social Media and founded Connex Social as a consulting agency. Connex Social preformed a mix of digital marketing tactics focused on SEO.

One of the most frustrating aspects in the marketing agency landscape is that agencies squeeze efficiencies out of their staff by applying the industrialization concept to information workers. Instead the team behind Connex has set out to serve a few clients really well.

Connex Digital Marketing was launched in 2015 focused on developing simple systems to help three types of clients with all aspects of Digital Marketing from the top of the funnel through tracking conversions and reporting accurate attribution for those conversions.

  • Ecommerce
  • National Non Profit Organizations (NGOs, L3C, etc)
  • Higher Education/Camping

Our mission hasn’t changed, we still serve very few clients (around 5 clients at a time). But we serve our clients to the fullest extent possible. This is a mission we still achieve today. Our CFO tells us we’re not being efficient and that we’re only earning half of what we could. But we look at life holistically and would rather make a living and enjoy living our living. All while providing increased success for our clients. Thus Paul and his family are living the digital nomad life as are most of the contractors on Connex’s team. We might be in Vietnam, or in the US, or in Ecuador. But the work we provide is the same high quality that our clients have grown accustom to.

Wait! Aren’t You An Agency?

Well no, not really.

When you become a client of Connex you’ll be working directly with Paul Kortman, the Founder and CEO. You will not be passed to a junior level project manager. Nope, instead you’ll work with the boss himself.

We’re more than just a network of Independent Entrepreneurs (contractors/freelancers)

We’re less than a Mad-Men-esque Ad Agency.

We’re somewhere in between.

We’re a bunch of experts banded together to serve clients well. To achieve results. To spend as little of the client’s money as possible while achieving those results.

Thus our team changes as we find tools, or skill sets that would better serve our clients.


Average Number of Clients

Typical Client Engagement Duration in Months

Average number of Connex Teammates on a Project

Meet The Core Team

Paul brings his experience as a small business entrepreneur to the table every time he consults on a marketing project. He believes that marketing is driven by the organization but also drives the organization. In essence marketing can define product development, revenue, and profitability.With 12 years experience in the IT field mixed with a liberal arts education Paul mixes his people skills with his nerd skills in a way that helps any client understand while being successful in the Digital Era. Read more about Paul.


CEO, Sales, Account Manager, Strategist
Vera started with Connex in 2015 as a Virtual Assistant. Without any prior experience in marketing, she was able to learn fast and within a few months was able to build out marketing plans. Both Vera and Connex have grown to where she doesn’t need to take care of all the nitty gritty but can focus on developing her skills in sales and the well-being of all teammates and systems.Otherwise, Vera is an average Vietnamese Czech girl with a black belt in karate. Time to time she is more adventurous than others would expect and tries to jump over cars. While she’s been to many places in Europe and South East Asia she still has a desire to see the rest of the world.


Operations Manager, Inside Sales
John is a former sports and travel blogger who enjoys new learning opportunities in online business. As a digital gypsy John learns new skills and tactics relating to SEO and makes new connections in some a-typical locations. Whether it’s on a plane in his native Canada or on slow boat to China John always has an ear out for new ideas and ways of making his efforts more efficient.For fun and exersize John enjoys JuJitsu and has been known to progress in belts and marks without much effort. John continues to learn the art of speaking and reading the Thai language while living in northern Thailand.


SEO, Outreach Specialist
Anna speaks 3 languages and spent 2 lovely years in Austria where she took care of 3 boys. Hence there was no struggle to take care of all the dirty work in Connex. While she has been to many places in Europe she still wants to explore the rest of the world, but first, she needs to finish her University. But be careful she enjoys sarcasm!Anna’s been able to keep on a task of our successes by managing our weekly and monthly reporting for all clients. Anna is a quick study and enjoys a good challenge


Pitchbox master, Reporting, Analysis
Stephen is an author, blogger, Star Wars nerd, coffee consumer, fan of stupid humor, and dad. His articles have appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inbound, Zapier, Huffington Post, and a bunch of other places you’ve probably heard of. He’s never been featured in National Enquirer, but that’s on his bucket list.He thinks third-person biographies are sort of weird, so he keeps them short, but incredibly sweet.


Copywriter, Editor

And our other Teammates!

We also have a bunch of part time contractors working with us depending on the current needs, from graphic designers, to copywriters, from Pinterest stars to aspiring marketing strategists.


If you’re interested in becoming one of our contractors send Paul an email at paul@connexdigitalmarketing.com and explain why, how and where you’d fit in with the team. We hire ambition. Knowledge, experience, and skills can be trained, ambition can not be.

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