We bring warm leads to your sales team

Even in the toughest verticals, or with the hardest to find target audience we increase your leads. Everytime.

Let Us Do The Dirty Work For You

Connex Digital Marketing specialize in following services

Search Marketing

Increasing traffic to your site through Organic SEO and Paid placement (Ads)

Social Media Marketing

From Content creation to community management, Connex builds networks and followings.

Email Marketing

Use Connex to improve open & click-thru rates. Email is the best marketing tool!

Conversion Optimisation

Discover changes that will increase conversions from website visitors to customers.

Online Advertising

Connex creates and manages online ads, behavioral ads, and retargeting campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your site

Data Analysis

Everything Connex does is data driven, we report the data to you on a monthly, or weekly basis enabling your team to also make data driven decisions.

Refreshingly Honest

Paul’s team is refreshingly honest in their approach to SEO marketing and they purposefully do not promise things outside their control. They simply provides high quality advice to help their clients implement best practices in an ever changing market. I highly recommend Paul and his team as very knowledgeable professionals.

Adam Zuwerink

Attorney, West Michigan Law, P.C.

Why choose us?


We consistently provide great, well-documented results.

Data Driven

We analyze advanced data and base decisions upon the data.


We have created proven procedures that improve our efficiencies and prevent mistakes.


We put together teams of experts specific to each client project to exactly match the project needs.

Our Clients

Our Market Specialties

We’ve worked with clients in various markets but here are the three we find we’re most effective with:

Non-Profits, NGOs, and Not for Profits

We know your mission, we know that everything you do is about that mission. And we know that sometimes budgets are tight. We’ve been really successful at using the existing budget to advance knowledge in the organization and increase clients and donors through online marketing.

Business to Business, B2B

Specifically we do well with longer sales cycles (6-24 months). If you’re a business who hears all the advice about using social media or SEO or email and wonder how it applies to you since you have no ecommerce and still have to rely on a traditional sales staff we’ve got a treat for you. Our system has proven to help B2B sales increase 2-4x within 2 years. We’re focused on growth and not maintenance. So please only contact us if you’re interested in seeing sales growth!


Application Driven Organizations

Universities and education programs, camps, and other organizations where users have to apply to be accepted into the program. We have a number of clients who have directly benefited from our efforts to increase applications and conversions. We’d be happy to explain our process and how we can help increase your applicants.

Medium Sized Ecommerce

If you’re experiencing one sale per day or even one sale per week we can help double that. We work best with stores that have experienced this level of sales and aim to grow through marketing initiatives. Imagine what you’d experience with a doubling of your sales? We can help you get there.

We Believe in Up-Front Pricing

No hidden fees, no overage charges, no proposal padding. Instead we have these four services which encompass 90% of the work our clients have found success with in the past 10 years. We focus on our systems to ensure the most benefit for you. There’s no guesswork on your part and you can order these anytime day or night with no contracts. We want to earn your continued business!

Skyscraper SEO

Skyscraper SEO

Double your website traffic with a Done For You Skyscraper: Incredible content with backlink building built in!

Dialed In PPC

Dialed In PPC

Receive Leads Today with our Dialed In PPC Service. We take care of the details to increase your sales or leads!

Paul Kortman Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Consultation phone calls with Paul Kortman covering strategy and tactics for your business’s marketing efforts.

Funnel CRO

Funnel CRO

Have good traffic coming in but they don’t seem to be buying or signing up? We can help with that!

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

We get all technical and nitty gritty making sure your website is coded correctly for your keywords and for Google.

Is Connex just another Advertising or Marketing Agency?

We are not yet another marketing agency. We’re a group of experts with skills covering whole internet marketing spectrum banded together to serve clients well. To achieve results. To spend as little of the client’s money as possible while achieving those results.

Our team changes as we find tools, or skillsets that would better serve our clients. We’re a completely distributed workforce of experienced professionals.  We don’t choose the well-beaten path, we are smart enough to find a shortcut. That is true in our personal as well as working lives.

By cutting costs, eliminating overhead and not requiring the team to be in the same geographic location we’re able to hire the best and develop the perfect team for your project. We’re more like an extension of your team, or a marketing team for hire and less like a ‘Mad Men’ agency.

Once you’re our client, you can expect to:

  • Work with someone who seeks to understand your situation and then gives the best advice.
  • Receive a service that’s surprisingly efficient, productive, and professional.
  • Get an excellent return on investment.
  • Have confidentiality maintained at all times.
  • Have any concerns addressed promptly.

True Experts

We worked with Connex Social to improve our Google Adwords, because we were having issues with driving quality traffic to our site. We’ve worked with several other adwords/marketing experts in the past, but hands down, Paul and his team were the best in all aspects. If only we had discovered them earlier! Paul is not only smart and a true expert, but he is responsible, responsive, timely, hardworking and honest. They also went above and beyond to answer our marketing questions. I would highly recommend Connex Social to anyone who needs help with marketing solutions. You won’t be disappointed!


Founder, Voncierge

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